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Gratitude to Mother Nature for all the plants, flowers, trees, fruits, seeds and herbs that we use in our formulation.

It’s Time to Love Yourself Again

Gifts from Nature embodies the joy of looking within, feeling your best and falling in love with yourself again. We consciously tap into nature’s glorious abundance and curate love, kindness and care into each one of our creations, to illuminate your inner self and let your true beauty shine, inside out.

With this intention, we have crafted a much gentler form of skin, body and home care products that have the power to energetically elevate the frequency of living spaces, soothe frayed nerves, and delight the senses.

More Than Just Skincare

This bold statement is backed by the science of high-frequency plants, who generously contribute their potency to every one of our formulas, from our candles, incense, serum, perfumes to our lotions and scrub. Every lit wick, every spritz and every pump of our products are designed to elevate your mood and bring you closer to being attuned with your true self.



The Plants Are Communicating. Are You Listening?

Plants have been around before any living creature roamed Earth, and as they exist on the second plane of existence, they store billions of years’ worth of information in them. This is Nature’s precious gift to us, but are we truly utilizing this gift for our good? 

The Holistic Paradigm considers the physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual components of the human being, their interactions and nurturance. These 5 layers of energy bodies comprise the human energy field, and at Gifts From Nature, we believe that plants can help keep them in perfect balance.

Come Home to Your Self thru Plant Intelligence

We believe in making the world a happier place through Reconnecting to Plant Intelligence. Gifts From Nature harnesses the bio-energetically potent properties of Master Plants to help you attain body confidence, emotional balance and spiritual upliftment, and a more profound connection to your being.



Jurina Abdullah is the founder and master creator behind Gifts From Nature. Her life’s journey, world travels and explorations of plant medicine works in Peru have inspired our best-loved formulas, specifically intended to ‘lift the veil’ and elevate consciousness. A born clairsentient, she was first guided in 2014 to infuse Raja Kayu wood, Moringa wood and Tas wood to be use as a toner for her sensitive skin. She felt more grounded, present and light (clear auric field) after using it.

She has an interest in observing people from all walks of life. She noticed that there was no Joy in their aura and one day she asked, “What would it take to bring Joy back to people's life effortlessly?” Soon, she was guided to incorporate local trees - Raja Kayu wood, Moringa wood, Tas wood and Dragon blood into her product creation to harness the energy of protection, creativity, money, new ideas, eliminate procrastination, and more.

Also a certified perfumer and energetic healer, Jurina works closely with the indigenous communities locally and in Peru to source high-frequency plants ingredients for Gifts From Nature’s products, including perfumes, body-care and skincare. Contributing to the world through her gifts of intuition and creation brings her great joy. She is honored to spread the ancient wisdom of plant medicine through her products to fulfil her vision of elevating the collective energetic frequencies of the body, mind, spirit and environment.

By connecting to plant intelligence, Jurina is here to remind us that we are worthy of everything good this life has to offer it all starts with loving ourselves first, fearlessly, and without limits.



We carefully select ingredients which carry the high frequency of plant intelligence, infusing them into our products to help your body, mind and spirit restore harmony and balance. Increasing your consciousness, raise and uplifting your vibrations.

 Raja Kayu

We support our indigenous tribes by purchasing the red Raja Kayu branches that they harvested from trees in the jungle. No trees are destroyed in the process. It is believed that every indigenous child born will be given a red Raja Kayu as protection. 

Red Raja Kayu emanates a sweet floral bouquet fragrance when burn. It has loving energy that is calming and gently coaxes you to reconnect to self-love. This loving energy is both aggressive and subtle, where the masculine cleanse and protects you while the feminine activates and enhances your awareness. We use the original, unadulterated red Raja Kayu wood so you can enjoy its full benefits.

Palo Santo

We import Palo Santo wood from a legally licensed and reliable exporter in Peru.

Translated means "holy wood" in Spanish, Palo Santo is wood from the Bursera Graveolens tree that grows in South America. For thousands of years, Palo Santo have been used for medicinal purposes by indigenous peoples to treat pain and stress, as well as to clear negative energy.

The wood has a woody scent with notes of pine, citrus and mint, and is used to dispel unwanted energy, boost mood and bring harmony to the body and environment. Palo Santo is widely use to repel mosquitoes, as a pain relief, and its relaxing aroma eases stress by purifying the body and mind.  

Dragon's Blood
We import food grade quality Dragon's blood plant extract from a legally licensed exporter in Peru. 

In its concentrated form, Dragon Blood has been used stop bleeding since ancient times due to its potent anti-microbial, anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Dragon Blood heals at a cellular level, including lightening of scars and lighten pigmentation with superior moisturizing effects. You can find this wonderful blood-red plant extract in SHINE body & skincare products and also our handcrafted palm wax candles - RKD & NDD.




The information contained on this site is intended for educational purposes only and is not a substitute for advice, diagnosis or treatment by a licensed physician. You should seek prompt medical care for any health issues and consult your doctor before using our products or making a change to your skin and body care regimen.