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Gifts From Nature


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BOUNTIFUL Parfum by Paralel
Embrace the sweetness of Life all packed in this bottle. Made from 100% natural flowers, herbs, plant molecules. POWERED up with more than 23 minerals from genuine Auralite 23 crystals.

Mix with the scent of FRESH TOBACCO, NEROLI, together with all the FRAGRANCES of fresh flowers, barks and resin. Sweet smelling, floral and musky. Gets you feeling Grounded, Calm and Joyful.
It has the ability to portray you as a sweet, charismatic, dominant, or powerful person and it touches your acquaintance before even the first handshake.

Ingredients: Accord - Watermelon ketone, Neroli, Tobacco, Seaweed, Irish flower, Marina Aqua, Rose, Sandalwood, Vanilla, Bergamot, Amber, Jasmine, Red Apple and genuine Auralite 23 crystals. Mix with Galaxolide.

Package content: 1 spray bottle of 6ml perfume
Handmade in Malaysia.