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DragonBlood Raja Kayu Bath Salt

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Ingredients : 100% natural. Imported and certified food grade Dragon
blood plant extract from Peru. Raja kayu, Tas & Palo Santo wood
milled. Himalayan salt.
Description : There are many plants that produce dragon’s blood but
not all are of medicinal benefit or is edible. Our Dragon Blood plant
extract comes from Croton Lechleri tree which is native to South
America. We are using certified Food Grade quality Dragon blood in
our products. More info on Dragon blood from Peru -

Benefits: The ancient south Americans uses the extract of Croton Lechleri (Dragon blood) to
heal intestinal problems and also wounds and insect bites. In the modern times, dragon blood is
use as skin care to regenerate and for anti-aging. This DragonBlood RajaKayu bathsalt helps to
cleanse your aura and energise your body.
How to use : Soak this bathsalt pack at least 20 mins BEFORE use.
1- Fill a 2 feet pail with water.
2. Put the salt and the teabag pouch into the water. DO NOT OPEN THE TEABAG POUCH.
3. Pour and mix the Dragonblood plant extract into the water.
4. Use this bathsalt AFTER you have taken normal bathe.
5. Pour the infused water over your head. Let the water run down your body.
6. OPTION - After finish, you can wash off with normal water.

Product content: 20gm of bathsalt