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Natural Elderflower Herbal Tea

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1) Background

Elderflower Herbal Tea benefits the mind, body and soul in remarkable ways.

To the Europeans of the early medieval period, the elderberry was a sacred plant that provided medicine and food. It was revered as the home of the goddess of vegetation, life and death and often was planted near the house as protection from lightning, ill health and evil spirits.

Elderflower comes from the Elder tree. Only the flower and fruits is safe for human.

Elderflower Herbal tea is caffeine free.


2) Physical Medicinal Benefit

Elderflower herbal tea has been a go-to herbal remedy. It is rich in antioxidants.

Gargling with Elderflower tea is beneficial for oral cavity and throat.


3) Energetic Benefit

The spiritual meaning of Elderflower tree -a representation of ‘death and rebirth’, it is very helpful when things are coming to an end and a new beginning is needed.

Helps open the psyche so that one can see things in a new and positive light

Helps us move through issues quickly, helping to speed emotional and psychic healing.

Helps cool anger and to be present at the moment.

Assists in opening the heart in a protective way after a traumatic or abusive event.

Very supportive in times of transition.

 Renowned for mental and emotional stress.


How to use (for a cup of 200ml)

  1. Put 0.5 or 1 teaspoon of dry Elderflower in a tea strainer.
  2. Put the tea strainer into cup. Pour some hot water into the cup (to wash the Elderflower tea)
  3. Pour away the Hot water. Pour hot water a 2nd time and let the tea steep for 10mins – 20mins.
  4. Drink warm or cool.
  5. You can reuse the above for a 2nd time.


Ingredients : Dried Elderflower


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