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Palo Santo T - Empath Soap

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100% Plant based. All Natural. Hand-crafted. Clears negative energy imprints in your aura and electromagnetic field. Creates a barrier to keep negative vibes out of your space. Highly recommended for empath or people who do energy work.

Using this Empath soap will give you a feeling of more space around you. The ingredients used help keep ‘evil eyes’ away. Also balances your emotions.

How to use
Place soap in a soap bag. Wet soap and lather well. Can use soap to wash hair and body.

Care instructions
It is highly recommended to hang the soap bar after use. Soap bar melts easily. Always keep dry after use. 


Ingredients: Vegetable soap glycerin, Palo Santo, Raja Kayu, Tas wood mill.

Weight: 50g each

Expiry: 3 years from manufacturing date.