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PERU Pure Palo Santo Essential Oil

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Imported from Peru. Pure Palo Santo essential oil has pain relieving (analgesic) and anti-inflammatory properties. 

Calming relaxed effect. Keeps mosquitoes and insects at bay. 

Care instructions
Keep away from sunlight / heat. Do a patch test before use on your skin.

How to use
- For external use only. Put a few drops in the diffuser, burner or mix with other carrier oils. You can also mix a few drops of pure Palo Santo oils in a bucket of water to mop the floor. 

- To cleanse your aura, put 2 drops on your palm, rub your hands together to spread the oil, then rub your hands over and around your entire body starting from above head to shoulders to entire body down to the legs.

Ingredients : 100% Pure Palo Santo Oil.
Dimension: 5ml
Expiry: 2 years from manufacturing date

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