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NDD Non-Toxic Palm Wax Candle

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Use NDD palm wax candle if you require some focus on your work or exams. Best candle to use in these trying times of uncertainties. Highly recommended for business and to increase finances.

Taking action or when you require some ‘Yang’ vibes.
NDD palm wax candle helps clear stuck vibes, cleanse & purify our space.

How to use
Best to light up NDD in the morning. DO NOT USE AT NIGHT. Each piece of candle may burn for 5-6 hours.

Care instructions
Use only on clay or ceramic heat proof candle holder. WARNING- the fire flame may be bigger when it is almost finishing. Always be cautious when burning candles. Do not leave lighted candles unattended.

Ingredients: Imported Dragon’s blood plant extract, Raja kayu wood and Menang wood mill,, Black Kemuning, Sandalwood, Palo Santo, Tas, Moringa, Black turmeric, Witches grass, Catnip & palm wax.

Dimension: Per pack -  approx. 16.5g x 6pcs tealight